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Our approach is simple. It all starts with you! As a team we build upon your success by creating intuitively designed brand materials that bring your vision to life. This results in work that is not only evocative but also functional and intentional.

We often work with people who challenge the status quo and give voice to the underrepresented, yet our overall aim is to collaborate with those who desire to create a meaningful change in the world.

We love what we do and have proven at every turn to deliver professional and reliable service—oh yeah, and we happen to make exceptional graphics!


Our process starts with a conversation. Whether you are launching a new business, project or campaign, our goal is to listen and create an open dialogue where creativity and brilliant
ideas can develop.


A well designed project is not only one that pleases the client but engages the viewer and communicates your message effectively.


We will handle every aspect of your project if requested, from design to manufacturing.

FREE TO FORM, INC. is a full-service creative and strategic studio


California Community Foundation Venture Philanthropy Partners RA MA Institute Los Angeles Mission SEIU Local 2015 Siemer and Associates / CEC Capital SEIU UHW SEIU 721 Los Angeles Black Worker Center The Hawkins Company Daphne Le Blanc and Associates Crenshaw Christian Center

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Lauren Iverson

Lauren iverson Principal & CEO